Paganism Explained

An absolutely fantastic essay on the dangers of foreign religion.

Operation Werwolf

Paganism is best explained through the prism of Blood and Soil – which, apart from a slogan, is a coherent philosophy in itself.

Any given Pagan religion belongs to the people it was created by and to that people’s land. It can only be taken elsewhere along with the migration of its original creators, and in no other way. Paganism is purely an ethnic religion, a religion belonging to your own forefathers and inherited by their descendants – thus also by yourself. Its definition is also narrowed by the exclusion of all Abrahamic religions, from which only Judaism could ever meet the criteria anyway (and certainly not in all cases).

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all stem from the same Semitic, Middle-Eastern root. Therefore all these religions are foreign to the people outside of the Semitic cultural circle, and have shown to be harmful to our own culture throughout the centuries…

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