Purpose and Views

Welcome to Halcyon Initiative! This new blog will strive to provide the information necessary for those of European heritage to live simpler, healthier lives in line with their heritage, and effective ways to avoid the dangerous excesses and confusion of the modern globalist world. This means expositions on a variety of topics, from critiques of topics peculiar to the psyche of the modernists/globalists, to natural alternatives to commercial cosmetics. I also plan to examine the various facets of the ancient Germanic Pagans, as their wisdom should provide guidance to us in how we can live most healthfully and according to our blood.

For inspiring the creation of this blog, I have to thank Mr. Varg Vikernes and his blog the Thulean Persepctive, which I urge you to visit if you have not already: http://www.thuleanperspective.com

I also encourage you to check out the blogs I follow on the sidebar to the left, as well as the books displayed to the right. All are to be credited with having influenced what is written on this blog.

You are always welcome to share interesting links and thoughts over at the Odalism subreddit, which I moderate along with AP from Heathens of Vinland.

Please not reproduce any of the contents of this blog without crediting the author. I specify this because I have already had trouble with stolen work. I encourage you to re-share the information published here, but please do not take the credit for yourself!


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