Effects of Mass Immigration

I’d like to add to this that not only are the governments opening the borders to these people, but evangilizing churches are physically taking people from these countries and bringing them to white countries. The US in particular is a lost cause in terms of this. Most Swedish communities in Minnesota have been destroyed by the churches bringing Somalians and Iraqis in, while German communities in Colorado have been destroyed by Mexican illegal immigrants, as well as churches bringing Somalians and strange people from small island nations across the world.

Operation Werwolf


What you can see above is a recent map showing the percentage of bright-eyed (i.e. blue, green, hazel) population in different areas in Europe, North Africa, Anatolia and a part of the Middle East.

According to a 2010 study including over 8000 samples, light eyes(including light-mixed eyes) in Europe reach greatest distribution in Finland (at 89%), followed in descending order by Sweden, Norway (88%); Estonia, Denmark (85%); Latvia, Ireland (83%); Scotland (80%); Lithuania (78%); The Netherlands (76%); Belarus, England (74%); Germany (70%); Poland, Wales (68%); Russia, The Czech Republic (65%); Slovakia (63%); Belgium (60%); Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine (53%); France, Slovenia (50%); Hungary (43%); Croatia (40%); Bosnia and Herzegovina (38%); Romania (33%); Italy (30%); Serbia, Bulgaria (28%); Spain (25%); Georgia, Portugal (23%); Albania (20%); Turkey and Greece (18%).

Analysis of the results demonstrates that the overall average frequency of light eyes in Europe is 50%, with 68% in Northern Europe and…

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